5th Text Mining Challenge

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  Workshop DEFT' 09

DEFT'09, fifth edition of the DEFT evaluation campaign in text mining (http://deft.limsi.fr/), will deal this year with the multilingual analysis of opinion.

Analysis of opinion, which already was the subject of a preceding edition of DEFT, is a topic of interest in more than one way. Companies thrive on it, sometimes in addition to more classic opinion polls, and the Web provides this analysis with a profuse matter found in blogs, in sites dedicated to the evaluation of products, or in online newspapers. The applications include the analysis and follow-up of a public or mediatic "image", as well as developments in the spheres of business, (image of a product, of a service, of a company), of public life (images of mediatic people) and of politics (how a political project is perceived).

An analysis of opinion begins with the detection of the more or less subjective nature of a text or fragment, i.e. deciding if it is conveying a sentiment, a judgement, an opinion, or if it is stating plain facts. Parts of text containing an opinion are then analyzed to assign a value to the expressed opinion, either according to a positive/negative polarity, or according to a scale of values (see DEFT'07). Lastly, judgements on a given topic may be tainted by more global opinions, e. g. political position, or may reflect these opinions.

Within this famework, we propose three different tasks which can be addressed separately:

This workshop is supported as part of the CapDigital DoXa project (automatic treatment of opinions and feelings, under grant DGE No. 08 2 93 0888).